1. Alfalfa field

    Estimating fiber content of alfalfa in fields across Ohio

    May 12, 2021

    Alfalfa stands in Ohio had some early growth due to the warmer temperature in early April. Although it’s been cooler over the past couple of weeks, alfalfa growth has slowly been progressing.

  2. Hay mover cutting alfalfa

    Time to Take the Last Forage Cutting

    Sep 6, 2019

    The best time to take a last harvest of forages during the first two weeks in Ohio, for the least risk to the long-term health of the stand. This is especially true this year for alfalfa and other legumes that need the fall period to replenish carbohydrate and protein reserves in the taproots after a very stressful year.

  3. Winter injury in alfalfa

    Dealing with Winter Injured Forage Stands

    Apr 22, 2019

    Forage stands across Ohio have suffered various degrees of winter injury, including many that are not worth keeping. This article outlines some suggestions for producing forage this year to replace the lost production from these stands.

  4. Alfalfa harvesting in the fall involves benefits vs. risks

    Late Season Alfalfa Management

    Sep 6, 2018

    Fall cutting of alfalfa comes down to balancing the need or value of the forage versus risk to the stand health and winter survival. In this article we discuss the trade-offs and risk factors to consider when cutting alfalfa in the fall.

  5. Akfalfa windrows

    Alfalfa Quality Estimates for Ohio

    May 25, 2018

    Alfalfa development over the past week has continued at a a rapid pace and caused an increase in neutral detergent fiber (NDF) values. It is time to harvest high quality alfalfa in southern and western Ohio!

  6. Wheel traffic damage in alfalfa

    Avoid Driving on Wet Soils

    May 22, 2017

    It is time to take the first cutting of forages, but heavy rains across Ohio have left many forage fields saturated. It is very important to wait patiently for soils to dry enough to support equipment before trying to make hay on those fields. Wheel compaction on wet soils causes permanent damage and long-term headaches.

  7. Alfalfa weevil larvae on alfalfa leaf.

    Options for Controlling Alfalfa Weevil in Organic Fields

    May 1, 2017

    Alfalfa weevil infestations are being reported across Ohio. Organic producers face a particular challenge in managing this voracious pest due to the limited number of products available for rescue treatment. This article summaries the options available for organic producers.