Our Team

Name Specialization Phone Email
Dr. David Barker Grazing systems & ecology, pasture mixtures 614-247-6258 barker.169@osu.edu
Dr. Steve Boyles Beef cattle nutrition and grazing 614-292-7669 boyles.4@osu.edu
Brady Campbell Sheep production, alternative grazing systems 740-434-3252 campbell.1279@osu.edu
Allen Gahler Annual forages, extended season grazing, alfalfa management 419-334-6340 gahler.2@osu.edu
Jason Hartschuh Harvested & stored forage management 419-562-8731 hartschuh.11@osu.edu
Rory Lewandowski Pasture/grazing management, harvested & stored forages 330-264-8722 lewandowski.11@osu.edu
Clif Little Forage management, grazing & livestock systems 740-489-5300 little.16@osu.edu
Tim McDermott Pasture management, soil fertility 740-385-3222 mcdermott.15@osu.edu
Chris Penrose Pasture management, extending the grazing season 740-962-4854 penrose.1@osu.edu
Dr. Mark Sulc Forage management, integrated crop-livestock systems 614-292-9084 sulc.2@osu.edu