Welcome to the New Ohio Forages Website!

April 5, 2017
Cows grazing

Welcome to the new Ohio Forages Website! We designed this site as a resource of information on important aspects of forage management, for mechanically harvested forages and pastures. Explore the menu to find news stories, factsheets, bulletins, and website links full of useful information about managing forages.

We intend for this website to be the goto place to find all things forage within the Ohio State University Extension system.

Some menu items are not yet populated with content, but we will be working on adding that content in the near future.

The Resources tab will include great pictures, videos, and will list our favorite forage related websites.

The Research tab currently has links to our Ohio Forage Performance Trials, but will be populated in the future with summaries of current and past forage research projects the team at OSU has been involved in.

So enjoy looking around...and please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Mark Sulc (sulc.2@osu.edu)